CyberSeComics Ep. #3 - The Bug finder

Third episode of CyberSeComics, comics series produced by Pluribus One.

This episode is produced in collaboration with the AssureMOSS project. This time Wallo is grappling with the task of finding bugs and vulnerabilities within a software project, and this work requires a lot of time and attention. Let’s see if Wallo is lucky and if he is doing the right thing.

But before, two more words on the lesson to be learnt. The Assurance and certification in secure Multi-party Open Software and Services (AssureMOSS) project aims to produce a coherent set of automated, lightweight techniques that allow software companies to assess, manage, and re-certify the security and privacy risks associated with the fast-paced development and continuous deployment of multi-party open software and services.

AssureMOSS tools for development-time analysis help save time in finding bugs and vulnerabilities by analyzing each commit to your code repository, speeding up the whole project re-certification process.


Wallo, be aware! Next time be sure to use AssureMOSS and contact us at!


The episode is available also in Italian language here: CyberSeComics Ep. #3 - Il cacciatore di Bug.

Credits: Mirko's Scribbles (concept, storyboard, drawings); Matteo Mauri, Dissemination & Communication Manager at Pluribus One (idea, subject, concept).





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