CyberSeComics Ep. #8 - Smishing

Eighth episode of CyberSeComics, comics series produced by Pluribus One.

Black Friday is coming !!! And then Christmas !!! The rush for gifts and compulsive online shopping is starting!

But beware of fraudulent SMS notifying alleged delivery attempts.

In this episode we warn against Smishing and other frauds affecting the mobile devices: it is a recent neologism that combines the acronym SM (Short Message), with the word Phishing.
These messages often contain malicious links, suitably designed to steal important credentials to act in the name and on behalf of the victim. Or links to sites that contain malware that can install itself without arousing suspicion on smartphones, tablets or other devices that the victim uses to visit these sites.

We cannot directly protect you from Smishing but we certainly have weapons against Phishing and against links conveyed through Smishing.
Pluribus One Internet Security® is our free service for safe Internet browsing, which, as its primary purpose, ensures to avoid domains containing Phishing, Malware, and Scam. And, among other features, it allows also to avoid unwanted advertising.

And, it's not over, stay tuned! Our free app for the protection of mobile devices, based on Machine Learning algorithms, is coming: Pluribus One Mobile Security® will soon be available on Google Play to protect Android devices.

The episode is available also in Italian language here: CyberSeComics Ep. #8 - Un (vero) pacco.

Credits: Mirko's Scribbles (concept, storyboard, drawings); Matteo Mauri, Dissemination & Communication Manager at Pluribus One (idea, subject, concept).




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