CyberSeComics Ep. #11 - This Christmas give a tree

Eleventh episode of CyberSeComics, comics series produced by Pluribus One.

Pluribus One deeply loves our planet and believes in eco-sustainable progress. Pluribus One is a Treedom friend.

Treedom is a platform that allows anyone to plant trees in different countries around the world. The organization also provides the opportunity for its customers to receive an image of the planted trees, together with their GPS coordinates as an update on the growth of the tree.

Treedom also allows to donate already planted trees to those who will become effective custodians.

For Christmas Pluribus One has decided to give a tree to the users of its social channels (Facebook - Linkedin - Twitter).
The rules to partecipate are available in the Italian version of this episode here: CyberSeComics Ep. #11 - A Natale regala un albero! Il primo te lo regala Pluribus One!

Credits: Wallo & Friends (concept, storyboard, drawings); Matteo Mauri, Dissemination & Communication Manager at Pluribus One (idea, subject, concept).




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