AIsafe DNS

Passive DNS traffic monitoring for the detection of a broad range of attacks

AIsafe DNS is a comprehensive solution for the prevention and detection of endpoints threats.

The solution offers coverage against a wide range of threats, from malware to phishing, enabling the mitigation of the risk associated with them.

AIsafe DNS allows in fact to promptly identify machines in a network which contacted malicious hosts on the Internet, so that it is possible to isolate them immediately. This prevents an attack campaign to result effective on a large scale significantly reducing the damage it may cause.
Additionally, the solution allows to maintain the monitored network healty and clean, enabling the discovery of unwanted or misconfigured services on the monitored endpoints.
AIsafe DNS runs directly on the monitored traffic. Anomalies are spot directly on the traffic on which they are observed, so that even zero-days or newly observed domains can be promplty detected. Nevertheless, the solution takes of course advantage of public Indicators of Compromise, as a final complement to our proprietary detection algorithms. 
Such a thorough approach to detection allows the prompt identification of breaches, enabling you to promptly identify breaches thus supporting you in the achievment of GDPR compliance.
AIsafe DNS algorithms are also intrisecally safe and explainable.

Safe, because they leverage the Pluribus One know-how on Adversarial Machine Learning, being thus robust against attack attempts aimed to subvert or evade the detection algorithm itself. Explainable, because AIsafe DNS algorithms do not only spot malicious activities, but are also transparent in reporting motivation of their decision, ensuring you transparency and accountability.


No software agent required
AIsafe DNS doesn't require any software agent to be installed on the endpoints, being 100% platform independent. Whatever the device connected to the network is, AIsafe DNS can monitor and protect it, even if it is running a legacy operating system. Provisioning of endpoints with a protection agent is just not necessary.


Simply safe, from any device

Everywhere you need it, it works

Tremendously scalable
From small LANs to ISPs networks, the AIsafe DNS suite works just well and runs smoothly with very limited hardware resources. This will let you save money, avoiding you to buy tons of expensive hardware just to host the solution. And if you want to run it on the cloud, you can do it.


Privacy compliant
We higly value and strongly respect your privacy. 
So we want to put our customers in the position to do the same towards their third parties, being their customers or employees. This is the reason why we designed our algorithms in a way they do not need to record any sensitive information to detect threats.


GDPR Compliant, by design

AIsafe DNS Roadmap
  • 1st Quarter 2020: Proof-of-Concept ready
  • 2nd Quarter 2020: AIsafe DNS 1.0 Launched on the Market
  • 3rd Quarter 2020: Version 2.0 with Extended Detection Capabilities

Want to be involved in the AIsafe DNS Beta-testing?

This product is developed with the support of Regione Autonoma della Sardegna
(POR FESR RAS 2014-2020 - Asse 1 Azione 1.1.3)


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