CyberSeComics Ep. #16 - GDPR

16th episode of CyberSeComics, comics series produced by Pluribus One.

GDPR, what an hassle! How many rules, how many procedures! Even Wallo gets lost in the labyrinth of consent forms!

By the way, recently the new provisions of the Italian Data Protection Authority limit and deny the use of analytics (for websites) that export their data outside Europe.
GDPR is also a crucial regulatory matter for cybersecurity-related incidents.

All Pluribus One products are GDPR compliant and help your business stay compliant.
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And, speaking of analytics, our Pluribus One Web Application Security, an advanced and intelligent solution for monitoring and protecting web services, thanks to its traffic analysis tools, provides advanced and automatic reporting on the traffic toward your web services and toward your website!

The Italian version of this episode is available here: CyberSeComics Ep. #16 - GDPR.

Credits: Wallo & Friends (concept, storyboard, drawings); Matteo Mauri, Dissemination & Communication Manager at Pluribus One (idea, subject, concept).




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